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Environmental writers John R. Wennersten and Denise Robbins lay out in thorough detail the immense scope of the problem of climate change-driven human migration. The authors cite how climate scientists warned in the 1990s that the world economy would find it far cheaper to prepare for climate change and attempt to limit it than to play catch-up at the last minute and try to adapt. Climate scientists also warned – presciently – that perhaps the most devastating impact of climate change would be human mass migration.

About the Authors

University of Maryland emeritus professor John R. Wennersten, PhD, and Denise Robbins are climate change experts and environmental writers.


Climate Change Is Here  

Environmental writers John R. Wennersten and Denise Robbins explain that climate change is a global problem that world governments have moved against too slowly. “The conclusion today is inescapable,” they write, “humans have emerged as a major force in nature and are altering the structure of the planet. We are now witnessing the human devastation of the Earth.”

The impacts of climate change, the authors detail, include higher temperatures, rising seas, heat waves, drought and more intense storms. Some places will get wetter, and some places will dry out. Scientists and governmental bodies say that limiting warming to less than 2oC [3.6oF] above preindustrial temperatures is crucial to planetary and human health.

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