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Rock the Boat

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Rock the Boat

Embrace Change, Encourage Innovation, and Be a Successful Leader

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Create change by blending command and control with autonomy, servant leadership and work-life balance.

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Former Navy admiral Danelle Barrett serves up the no-nonsense wisdom of a career military leader, yet she advocates a nurturing leadership style that you might not associate with the armed forces. Using Naval idioms and humor, Barrett explains how her tough love, dedication to mentoring and commitment to work-life balance served her and her staff members over a long, successful career.


Don’t waste your time searching for a single best way to lead. 

The development of future leaders grows increasingly important with today’s rapid rate of change.  The world needs people in charge who feel confident making fast decisions in the face of uncertainty. There is no one formula for manufacturing effective leaders. You can develop your own authentic style, and help future leaders do so, by drawing on your natural ability and learned experience, and on other leaders’ observations and guidance.

While every leader differs, excellent leaders tend to exhibit certain patterns of behavior, such as integrity, tenacity and a willingness to mentor. Effective leadership boils down to the ability and willingness to develop, inspire and engage others; a positive, problem-solving mindset of constant learning; and always treating others with respect.

Successful leadership and mentoring apply mindful thought to action, every day.

Set an example with your every word and action. Connect people to their purpose and mission, help them achieve their aspirations and never be a jerk...

About the Author

IT and cybersecurity expert Rear Admiral Danelle Barrett led teams through high-stakes complex projects including a Navy-wide digital transformation.

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