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How to Free a Founder from a Sales Role

Anthony Coundouris,

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Founders should never waste time on sales tasks. Reduce friction by being systematic.

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When entrepreneurs and company founders take on sales roles, author Anthony Coundouris argues, they waste valuable time and risk losing customers to friction. He urges start-up founders to become market leaders and find product-market fit by gaining a sophisticated understanding of their brand identity, and of whom, what and how they serve. Backed with illuminating case studies ranging from Tesla to Apple, Coundouris’s advice frees founders to lead with creativity.


Leverage the power of sales systems to become a market leader.

Founders who feel like they’re wasting valuable time on sales-related tasks can free themselves by implementing a sales system. A practical and smooth-running system distills the customer-creation process into a set number of interactions, such as sending emails, chatting online, posting on Twitter or calling people on the phone. 

Sales systems ensure an uncomplicated transition when founders replace themselves with salespeople or lose members of sales teams who might otherwise depart with untapped knowledge about customer creation.Sales systems increase the value of sales by enabling founders to stop spending their time selling.By refining their system – or recipe – sales teams can better harness the power of their time.

The number of available sales systems and marketing applications grew from 150 in 2011 to 5,000 in 2017, giving you a wide choice, depending on the tasks you want to automate.You can mechanize time-consuming, repetitive tasks, such as writing hundreds of emails or collecting documents. Effective ...

About the Author

Co-founder of the accounting firm Futurebooks, Anthony Coundouris worked as a software-as-service technology and technology consultant for Google, IBM, and SAP.

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