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Running Training Like A Business

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Running Training Like A Business

Delivering Unmistakable Value


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Relevant, high caliber professional training creates not only better employees, but a better business.

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David van Adelsberg and Edward A. Trolley are experts in developing innovative workplace learning solutions, in other words, training. Their book presents their program, "Running Training Like a Business." This book is enormously detailed, if jargon-heavy and somewhat bureaucratic in its language. It is filled with flow charts, graphs, and other visuals that will appeal to anyone who wants thorough strategies that can improve training programs. getAbstract recommends this book to executives who design, oversee, coordinate, or purchase employee training and education programs. One caveat: The reader does get some sense that, with this volume, the authors are also marketing their program to potential clients.


Transforming Training Programs

Businesses spend enormous amounts of money, time, and energy on training and development (T&D). Annually, U.S. corporations spend more than fifty-six billion dollars on training and development. Despite this investment, many businesses are not satisfied with these programs. Continuous learning is crucial to business success, and business leaders understand this. They often find that T&D is "out of the loop strategically, that it too often operates like something separate from the business, and that they don’t see enough tangible returns on their T&D investments."

The solution is to transform training. Instead of running merely as a function, it must run like a business. Everything training does must be more effective and more efficient, and must tangibly help businesses achieve their goals. The cost of training must be clear and acceptable to those who purchase it for their employees. Training’s mission is economic: it must fill the needs of your employees, who are the "customers" for training.

The benefits of running training like a business include:

  • Attuning your training operation to business...

About the Authors

David van Adelsberg, CEO of Forum Europe Ltd. and Executive Vice President of The Forum Corporation. He joined Forum in 1992 and teamed with Ed Trolley to form The Learning Alliance at DuPont. He has launched similar programs with other global organizations. Edward A. Trolley, Senior Vice President of The Forum Corporation, spent twenty-six years with DuPont, ultimately managing training and educational programs. While with DuPont, he conceived "Running Training Like a Business." He joined Forum in 1996.

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