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2016 Will Be the Year of Conversational Commerce summary
Will the rise of “conversational commerce” change how you shop for goods and services?


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“Conversational commerce” – the merger of shopping and messaging apps – will soon transform the meaning of messaging. In this timely article, Uber’s developer experience lead Chris Messina offers practical insight into how the expansion of messenger functionality will affect consumers’ brand interaction, addresses unanswered questions about conversational commerce integration and lists the advantages – for both developers and users – of conversational “bots” over stand-alone apps. getAbstract recommends this article to business leaders looking to stay at the forefront of commerce and customer service trends.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What “conversational commerce” entails,
  • How conversational commerce will streamline customer-brand interactions in the near future, and
  • How conversational commerce can benefit both business owners and developers.


Imagine this scenario: You’re chatting with a friend on Facebook Messenger, making plans for the evening. You decide on a place to go and then, without leaving the app, you request an Uber to pick you up. You pay for it right then and there, without ever leaving the chat. This is just one example of the possibilities offered by conversational commerce – a rising trend already transforming how consumers and businesses interact.

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About the Author

Chris Messina is developer experience lead at Uber. He worked as a developer advocate at Google and has spoken at conferences like SXSW, Web 2.0 Expo, Google I/O and Launchfest.

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