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 Analytical Marketing Will Deliver for Your Customers summary
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In the past, marketers had to flounder around in the dark. If revenues were up, they could rejoice in the knowledge that the marketing division had done its job. If revenues were down, they had to cast around again in the shadows, looking for a new campaign that might work. According to this report from Adele Sweetwood, global marketing executive at SAS, data from the digital world have redefined the game of marketing. getAbstract recommends this summary to CEOs, marketers and salespeople looking for a new way to shape the customer’s “decision journey.”

In this summary, you will learn

  • How data analytics revolutionized the way marketers interact with would-be customers and
  • Why the two-way communication afforded by digital interactions allows for more personalized marketing.

About the Author

Adele Sweetwood is the author of Analytical Marketing and heads global marketing at SAS, a leading analytics company.



Would-be consumers of every product and service must navigate a “decision journey” before making a purchase. In the early days of commerce, companies could augment blunt advertising campaigns with just one other tool: word of mouth. If a consumer arrived at a storefront, then salespeople, ambience and...

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