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Don’t worry about the hard sell or even the soft sell. Worry about the subversive sell: how brands track, record and analyze your every move, both online and in stores. Today, companies track data from your devices, record which products you view and purchase online, note where and when you use loyalty cards, and mine social media sites to learn your preferences. They exploit that information to seduce you into buying, “brandwashing” you and your neighbors without your knowledge or consent. In this eye-opening text, branding expert Martin Lindstrom spills insider secrets with glee. At times, though, his wealth of supportive research makes his shocking-but-true revelations more confusing than clarifying. Even so, getAbstract recommends his insights to all consumers everywhere, to marketers who seek to reach them, and to students of both.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How brand marketers use technology and advances in human behavioral research to understand what motivates consumers;
  • How marketers exploit such knowledge, including online and in-store behavioral data, to manipulate consumers; and
  • What specific tricks and tactics brand marketers use to dupe you into buying.

About the Author

Martin Lindstrom, founder and chair of Buyology Inc. and the author of the bestseller Buyology, contributes to Time magazine, the Harvard Business Review and the “Today” show.



In 1957, Vance Packard’s groundbreaking book The Hidden Persuaders revealed how marketers manipulate consumers into making purchases . Modern advertisers regard those long-ago efforts at psychological maneuvering as child’s play. With new technologies and...

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