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For the Newly Appointed Sales Manager

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Fundamentals of Sales Management book summary
It’s a big jump from salesperson to sales manager. Look before you leap.


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Sales managers need much more than sales skills to manage successful selling teams, especially within a corporate environment. When you move up from salesperson to sales manager, you need to develop sales plans, recruit and hire talented people, and manage many new demands on your time while motivating, mentoring and coaching your staff. Sales and marketing consultant Matthew Schwartz provides all the information you should know as you make the transition into your new role. Although Schwartz tends to stray unnecessarily into the dry, academic world of communication, motivation and leadership theory, his practical advice is well worth your time. getAbstract suggests that new sales managers keep this instructional book close by as a useful reference.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to make the transition from salesperson to sales manager;
  • What skills you need to manage a sales team; and
  • How to motivate and guide salespeople.


Moving into the Big Office
You’ve become a sales manager. Whether you were promoted, transferred from another department or hired from outside, you need specific skills for your new endeavor. Sales managers must be excellent communicators and have a vision for the future, an ability to...
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About the Author

Matthew Schwartz is a sales and management consultant for the American Management Association, known as Amacom.

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