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Online Lead Generation and Payday Loans


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Online lead generators are opening the door to customer fraud. What can be done to stop them?


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Online lead generation for payday loans opens potential customers to financial fraud. Upturn – a consulting firm specializing in technology’s impact on social issues – examines how shady businesses pass sensitive, personal data through the online lead generation “ecosystem” and wreak havoc on people’s lives. Upturn explains the situation in detail and proposes three potential avenues to curb the problem. getAbstract recommends this warning shot to anyone in need of a quick buck – and the insightful analysis to marketers, honest professionals in the debt-relief marketplace and members of regulatory agencies.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why payday loans and debt-relief products depend on lead generators,
  • How the online lead generation “ecosystem” functions, and
  • What changes would lead to better protection of customer data.


“Becky” is short on money. She searches online for a payday loan and clicks on an advertisement. This ad directs her to a website landing page run by an “affiliate” – a company that gathers leads. Becky enters her information into this online form and receives the loan; but her personal data is now ...
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About the Author

Upturn is a consulting firm that specializes in analyzing technology’s impact on social issues.

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