Summary of Marketing to the Social Web

How Digital Customer Communities Build Your Business

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Marketing to the Social Web book summary
Online social networking gives marketers new challenges and new tools.


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At first glance, this is yet another cover of a familiar tune: Get online because it is the next big thing! Hurry, hurry! However, within a few pages author Larry Weber introduces the one thing missing from most of these refrains: hard data. He provides statistics that document precisely how the marketing landscape is changing, then goes on to analyze what this information means for business. Almost as refreshing, Weber is careful to point out where information does not exist, often calling for new metrics or a software tool that will give statistical substance to the visceral understanding of Web-savvy marketers. Weber reviews case studies that demonstrate approaches that have worked, as well as some glorious and instructive failures. He builds on these to develop a set of principles and tactics readers can use to develop a realistic strategy for online marketing. getAbstract recommends his book to established businesses that wish to get into online marketing and to all would-be Internet entrepreneurs.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the social Web is changing marketing;
  • How to develop a successful strategy for this new environment; and
  • What tools to use on the social Web.


The New Technologies
The “social Web” is the online space where individuals share their ideas and experiences. It includes social networking sites such as MySpace, Gather and LinkedIn; blogs; company-sponsored Web sites such as those belonging to IBM and Cisco; and shopping sites such ...
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About the Author

Larry Weber is the founding chairperson of the Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange.

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