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The Art of Amazing Your Customers

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Service Magic book summary
Service magic means awesome customer service using every trick in the book (well, you don’t have to saw a lady in half).


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Despite the rather strained analogy and the authors’ laborious attempts to make it amusing for 248 pages, this book does offer some genuine magical flashes of customer service insight. You will learn a great deal that is worth knowing. Many of these insights are the kind of pointers on customer service that bear repeating, rereading and remembering. The magic metaphor is a worthy attempt to make them fresh again, and to examine the elements of place, performance and process, step by step. recommends this book for new magicians, and even for magicians with experience who need to renew their customer service razzle-dazzle. Now, show ’em how you pull that rabbit out of your hat!

In this summary, you will learn

  • to think of customer service as a magic trick with very real benefits.


Service Magic
The curtains part and there, ladies and gentleman, in top hat and tails, flanked by lovely assistants, standing in the middle of an eye-candy set, is the great magician. The cards fly from hand to hand; they seem to come out of the air. The snowy pigeons and bunny rabbits...
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About the Authors

Ron Zemke and Chip Bell have written 43 books and hundreds of articles. President and vice-president, respectively, of Performance Research Associates, Inc., they’re the authors of the Knock Your Socks Off Service series.

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