Summary of The Branded Mind

What Neuroscience Really Tells Us About the Puzzle of the Brain and the Brand

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The Branded Mind book summary
Neuromarketing can tell you why you want to buy things.


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In 2005, marketing expert Erik du Plessis published The Advertised Mind, an approachable synthesis of neuroscience and marketing that explained how advertising shapes the brain’s responses and perceptions. In this book, a follow-up that you can understand on its own, du Plessis brings an even more focused treatment to the topic of neuromarketing, including commentary on the debate his earlier work provoked. He breaks his fairly dense material into brief chapters, so you can pick and choose according to your interests, ranging from cognitive science to branding, with many intriguing stops in between. getAbstract recommends du Plessis’s research, insights and engaging questions to marketing professionals and to readers interested in decision making, advertising, neuroscience and neuromarketing.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How your brain helps you survive;
  • How positive emotions shape your actions, especially when balanced with rational thinking;
  • How the brain interprets brands according to neuroscience; and
  • How neuromarketing can benefit advertisers.


The Changing Picture of the Brain
Using brain science in marketing and advertising has become popular, and neuromarketing is a powerful buzzword in selling and promotion. Neuromarketing, which is based on science’s evolving understanding of the brain, holds the promise that marketers can...
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About the Author

Erik du Plessis is chairman of Millward Brown South Africa, a market research firm.

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