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How We Live, What We Buy, and What It All Means About Who We Are

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The Clustered World book summary
Your customers are grouped into demographic and lifestyle clusters that are becoming nearly tribal. To reach them, you have to figure out which sub-set is really your target — block by block.


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Michael J. Weiss documents the way populations have fractured into different demographic and lifestyle groups, or “clusters.” These clusters have catchy names that describe the main factors influencing people’s buying behavior, voting and other choices. This excellent, original, well-researched book focuses on clusters in the U.S., though Weiss also mentions clusters in Canada and Europe, too. The book features simple, clear writing, but some may find the wealth of detail overwhelming. Keeping the various clusters straight may prove challenging, particularly in the first few chapters, when Weiss refers to them without defining them. However, getAbstract recommends this book to people in management or marketing who are developing products, services and programs for particular niche groups.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What a cluster is
  • Why companies study clustering as part of their marketing strategy
  • What trends have influenced clusters


Cluster Analysis
The mass market has divided into specific consumer segments, or clusters. Each cluster has different population characteristics, tastes and buying patterns. To identify and analyze clusters, researchers create a map of people’s characteristics in different neighborhoods...
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About the Author

Michael J. Weiss is the author of Latitudes & Attitudes. He first explained group demographic analysis in his book The Clustering of America. Weiss contributes to a number of publications and broadcast outlets, including The Washingtonian and Newsweek.

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