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The New Retail summary
For retailers to thrive, they must provide mobile-savvy consumers with an engaging omnichannel experience.


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With roughly 90% of the US population owning mobile devices today, mobile technology is increasingly empowering retail customers and altering employees’ behavior. In this report, which was sponsored by AT&T, the Economist Intelligence Unit’s research team discusses strategies that will help retailers create a simple, value-adding mobile shopping experience for their customers. getAbstract recommends this informative and relevant report to business executives and retail managers in all industries.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the rise of sophisticated mobile devices has affected consumers’ shopping behaviors,
  • What today’s customers expect from a retail brand and
  • How retailers should adjust their strategies to make the best of these new developments.


A rise in high-performance mobile devices has changed the way consumers shop. Constant developments in the field give people easy access to vast amounts of data and powerful mobile technology tools. This not only alters consumers’ shopping behaviors, but also reshapes the definition of success for retailers...
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