Summary of The Sales Acceleration Formula

Using Data, Technology, and Inbound Selling to go from $0 to $100 Million

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The Sales Acceleration Formula book summary
To make sales more of a science than an art, use the “Sales Acceleration Formula” – designed to enable predictable, scalable selling.


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To compete and win, companies can out-innovate or out-sell their rivals. However, the innovation option provides only a few months’ advantage before the rest of the industry catches up, and selling more than your competitors is tough. The average contemporary firm deals with double the number of competitors it had in years past, says Mark Roberge who offers a helping hand for boosting sales. He joined HubSpot when the marketing software start-up had three employees. He built sales to more than $100 million in seven years as the company gained 10,000 customers in 60 countries and added 450 sales and support personnel. Roberge explains the four-part “Sales Acceleration Formula” he devised that drove HubSpot’s success. He uses his experience as the firm’s sales manager to illustrate how he developed his sales formulas, how they work and how you can apply them to build your sales. Of course, he’s an “inbound” marketing company’s sales executive who’s advocating inbound marketing, but he makes a good case for it and shares a lot of know-how. getAbstract recommends Roberge’s process-oriented autobiography – and his enlightened sales program – to sales executives, sales managers and salespeople.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What the “sales acceleration formula” encompasses,
  • How its four components work,
  • How advanced technology can help front-line salespeople and
  • How to transform sales to a scalable, predictable business function.


Making Sales Scalable
The results that Mark Roberge achieved as HubSpot’s first sales executive – more than $100 million in revenues in just seven years – was remarkable, particularly since he had no prior sales experience. Roberge was an MIT-trained engineer with a code-writing background...
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About the Author

Mark Roberge is chief revenue officer of HubSpot’s sales division.

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