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Offering an exceptional customer experience provides a significant competitive advantage.


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According to consultant Brian Solis, companies that provide truly outstanding consumer service can harness powerful word-of-mouth advertising and gain competitive advantage. Starbucks, Apple and Disney thrive because they carefully design the customer experience at every touchpoint before, during and after a purchase. Solis unloads a lot of information, and occasionally his concepts get as convoluted as an alchemy treatise. But most of this big, boldly designed volume is pure gold: inspiring ideas, clear explanations and vivid examples from real companies. A section on mapping and comparing your customers’ current experience and the ideal you could offer proves particularly useful, especially since Solis provides dozens of detailed sample maps as templates. getAbstract believes this design manual will interest most marketers and could be especially helpful to executives at established companies.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How customer experience became the most important criterion in consumer brand choices and
  • What methods you can use to design your consumers’ experience.


“Experience Is the New Brand”
To succeed today, your business must design an experience for your customers. You must craft this experience as creatively as you would a novel or movie, so you surprise and delight consumers at every touchpoint. From the moment you capture their attention...
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About the Author

A principal analyst at Altimeter Group, Brian Solis wrote What’s the Future of Business? and The End of Business as Usual, a Publisher’s Weekly Top 10 business book. He blogs at

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