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Sales Management. Simplified.

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Sales Management. Simplified.

The Straight Truth About Getting Exceptional Results from Your Sales Team


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The deck is stacked against sales managers. Indeed, some firms unwittingly prevent their sales managers from reaching sales success.

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In most companies, sales managers have virtually no control over their time or calendars and often must waste time handling petty tasks and attending meetings that have nothing to do with sales. The time sales managers devote to unrelated activities and other distractions often prevents them from leading their sales teams more effectively and generating new business. Corporate duties force many sales managers to abandon sales management basics – coaching and mentoring salespeople, running sales meetings, working with salespeople in the field, and so on. Sales consultant Mike Weinberg details how sales managers can regain control and propel their teams to better sales. He also shows CEOs how to develop and sustain sales-friendly corporate cultures. getAbstract recommends Weinberg’s masterful, clearly written advice to executives, sales managers and salespeople across a wide variety of industries.


Sales Challenges

Sales managers face many problems, some of which they create for themselves. Others result from senior executives who impose unrealistic demands or from corporate cultures that work against salespeople and their leaders. If a sales manager performs poorly, so will the salespeople on his or her team. Salespeople create problems for their managers and their departments when they concentrate on products and features rather than on their customers’ concerns, and when they fail to push for new business.

Common sales-management problems include managing sales staffers, leading direct sales, coping with sales compensation plans, working in an unsupportive corporate culture, and coping with leaders who judge salespeople by how busy they seem to be and not by how much new business they create.

In some organizations, sales managers must manage multiple tasks unrelated to selling while also responding to hundreds of daily emails. Customer relationship management (CRM) – which, ironically, should improve the overall sales function – is often a bothersome distraction. Many companies demand that sales managers spend more time dealing with their CRM systems...

About the Author

Sales coach and frequent public speaker Mike Weinberg is an experienced salesperson and consultant. He also wrote the bestseller New Sales. Simplified.: The Essential Handbook for Prospecting and New Business Development.

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    L. M. 8 years ago
    Actually read the book. One of the best real world, no nonsense works on how to successfully build up, manage and drive sales teams I've ever come across. Easy read too!