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Secondments: the most powerful job training you’ve never heard of

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Secondments: the most powerful job training you’ve never heard of

All the benefits of continuing education, without the hassle of night school.


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Do you love your company but feel like you’re stagnating? Try a secondment to boost your value with a new skill set.

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Even the most dedicated professionals can experience career stagnation without growth opportunities. If vertical advancement is not in the cards but you are committed to your company, you might consider a “secondment,” an opportunity to work in another department, or at a different organization entirely, for a limited amount of time in order to round out your skills and profile. Lauren Moon and Sarah Goff-Dupont, content creators at Atlassian, expound on this offbeat way to enhance your professional value and bring new life to a stagnating career.


Secondments, or job rotations, are the workplace equivalent of student exchange programs.

If your career has plateaued, if you crave job diversity but you’re reluctant to jeopardize your current position, or if you’re feeling burned out, a secondment may be what you need to get over your current slump. A secondment is a practical, on-the-job learning opportunity that can expand your skill set, broaden your business perspective and increase your professional value – all without having to attend night school.

Secondments are essentially job exchange programs. As a secondee, you temporarily transfer roles within your company (internal) or between companies (external) to develop new skills, experience a different business culture or reinvigorate a stagnating career. Organizations that offer secondments provide a safe, affordable way for employees to expand their skills and diversify their careers without permanently losing them to other companies.

Formal secondment programs are still uncommon, but with a little persuasion...

About the Authors

Lauren Moon is a senior content marketing manager at Atlassian, where Sarah Goff-Dupont is a principal writer.

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