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Serena's Next Serve

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Serena's Next Serve

The tennis superstar has had an unparalleled career, but she still has more to bring to her court

Business Insider UK,

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Serena Williams balances her life with her passions, carving a path for other champion entrepreneurs.

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Tennis champion Serena Williams pursues other passionate interests off the tennis court. In addition to her clothing and jewelry lines, she has created an investment firm, Serena Ventures. The firm’s goal is to invest in under-supported entrepreneurs. Reporting in Business Insider UK, journalist Sylvia Obell explores how Williams’ discipline and belief in herself enable her to embrace this new mission. About half of her firm’s investments have gone to female and/or Black entrepreneurs. Telling Williams she can’t do something only increases her motivation, so the naysayers who doubt her ability to provide funding for diverse entrepreneurs will soon discover the depth of Williams’ drive, ambition and commitment.


Serena Williams takes a disciplined approach to balancing her needs with her family’s needs.

Unlike many others celebrities at her level, Serena Williams arrived on time for a photo shoot, even before her entire hair and makeup team appeared. Such discipline fuels her success as a tennis player, parent, business owner and film producer.  King Richard, which she and her sister Venus Williams produced with Will Smith starring as their father, won several major awards.

Serena Williams now is shifting into a new arena as she works to balance her professional life, the needs of her four-year-old daughter and her own personal and professional concerns.

Williams, who won her first Grand Slam in 1999, is now 40 years old. An injury has kept her out of recent tournaments, but her life remains overflowing. Williams’ record-breaking athletic...

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Entertainment reporter Sylvia Obell writes about celebrities, hosts podcasts and provides on-camera commentaries.

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