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Shift Happens

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Shift Happens

Coaching for Potential Podcast

Coaching for Potential,

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Feeling stuck? Know someone who is? Apply these coaching tools to shift perspective and move forward.

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Coaches help people move beyond limiting mind-sets. It’s a simple imperative that can be excruciatingly difficult to execute. How do you get your clients, employees, colleagues – or yourself – to see their struggles in a new light and transcend them? In this episode of the Coaching for Potential podcast, certified coach Marion Franklin shares her accessible, down-to-earth strategies to help you or someone you work with get “unstuck,”clarify goals, distinguish belief from fact, and overcome restrictive perspectives to move forward successfully.


Distinguish between truth and perception.

A conversation with clients who feel stuck should not be centered around their desired outcome but instead on exploring why they feel blocked. Help them untangle their thoughts by distinguishing belief from fact. You will often find a “leverage point” – something clients falsely believe is holding them back. For example, a client fails to be promoted to CEO and cannot understand why. After untangling your client’s thinking, you may find that her fear of not being part of a team anymore has been holding her back from pursuing the position in earnest.

Move away from pain rather than toward pleasure. 

Coaches often unsuccessfully try to motivate clients to undertake a shift by focusing on the reward. Yet moving away from pain is a stronger motivating force for 90% of people; only 10% are deeply motivated to move toward...

About the Podcast

Marion Franklin is a Master Certified Coach and the author of The HeART of Laser-Focused Coaching: A Revolutionary Approach to Masterful Coaching. Rory Rowland hosts the podcast Coaching for Potential. He is a member of the Missouri House of Representatives and the president and founder of Rowland Consulting, a firm dedicated to helping organizations and leaders reach their full potential. 

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