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The Convenience Matters podcast on hydrogen fuel offers a concise discussion of the current state and future potential of hydrogen as a zero-emissions vehicle fuel. In an informal, easy-to-follow format, hydrogen fuel-cell experts – automaker analyst James Kast and policy maker David Park – answer questions about the opportunities and challenges. Listeners will come away with a valuable overview of the state of this new industry.

About the Podcast

Convenience Matters is a weekly podcast about the future of the grocery industry produced by the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS). In this episode, the hosts – Fuels Institute operations director Donovan Woods and NACS vice president Jeff Lenard – talk with Toyota business analyst James Kast and California Fuel Cell Partnership infrastructure coordinator David Park.


Electric vehicles have been stealing the limelight from hydrogen-fueled vehicles in the move toward zero carbon–emission vehicles (ZEVs). And yet, as governments mandate more ZEVs in the marketplace, hydrogen will have an important and growing role to play. Hydrogen fuel is both safe and convenient to use in vehicles, but it suffers from high cost and a lack of infrastructure. Continued investment in the technology will be necessary to lower costs and promote the technology for greater use in transportation.

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