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Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get a Life

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Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get a Life

A Kick-Butt Approach to a Better Life


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Overhaul your failing attitudes with a no-nonsense approach to personal development, success, love, money, work and kids.

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Imagine walking on the railroad tracks in a state of bliss, unaware of a train heading in your direction. Life feels good, albeit a bit empty. Suddenly, your big brother (the bully!) pushes you off the tracks with a hard shove. He hollers about your stupidity, laziness and indifference. In this fresh slap of a self-help book, author Larry Winget becomes your surrogate big brother. He delivers an unconventional helping of advice with punch, insight and a few well-deserved mental smacks. No subject is sacred. From religion to money, Winget gets into your business with practical, thoughtful suggestions. The text, which includes space to take notes and write down self-help action plans, is a workbook on motivation and drive. It works best when Winget advises you about employment, money and relationships. It’s less successful when he preaches about murkier issues of religion, spirituality and teenage sex. Even when he oversteps, Winget is entertaining and helpful. (Don’t miss the insightful, funny dedication.) getAbstract recommends this book to harried professionals, underachievers and anyone who needs a good mental thrashing to get up and get going. Now sit up straight.


Wake up! Don’t Be Stupid

Where is your pen? Where is your highlighter? Do yourself a favor: don’t read this book - or this abstract - unless you plan to take notes and take action. Life is too short for the stupid and unprepared. And button your lip. Your running commentary is probably your biggest stumbling block. You can’t learn while you chat. So listen to your partner, your kids, your colleagues and your customers. Lots of people know more than you or have something valuable to tell you.

Ask questions. Really pay attention. Take good advice. Purchase tapes. Listen and learn while you are driving, flying or sunbathing. Listen, but be selective. For instance, don’t take health advice from fat, smoking doctors or financial tips from flat broke stockbrokers. Ignore negative self-talk. Hang up on putdowns. Television shows are filled with feeble, annoying whiners who should be throttled and told to grow up and take responsibility.

The Danger of Whining

Life is filled with great stuff and horrible crap. Celebrate the good; deal with the bad. Don’t blame and don’t whine. Whining prolongs the pain. You can’t solve your problems when you are busy whining. ...

About the Author

Larry Winget is known as "The Pitbull of Personal Development" and "The World’s Only Irrational Speaker." He is a member of the International Speaker’s Hall of Fame, and a popular public speaker.

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