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Productivity experts Scott Peltin and Jogi Rippel detail the daily nutritional, motivational and physical requirements you need to fulfill to maintain high energy and operate at peak performance. The authors don't offer merely a new entry in the world of wellness and self-help. They provide an in-depth sourcebook outlining exactly what they believe you need to know to reach your maximum potential at work and at life. Peltin and Rippel dig deep into research about the relationship between your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and your productivity. They classify employees as “sinkers, floaters” or “swimmers,” and make it clear that you are the one who decides which one you will be. Companies need you to be – and you need to be – a swimmer. The authors aim their advice about “high-performance” mind-sets, nutrition and movement at businesspeople, but they offer valuable information for everyone who wants to perform at a higher, healthier, less stressful level.

About the Authors

Scott Peltin is a coach and presenter on sustainable human performance. He is co-founder of and chief performance officer at Tignum, a business-productivity firm. Its other co-founder, CEO Jogi Rippel is a frequent public speaker on the need for high-performing business leaders.


“Sinkers, Floaters” or “Swimmers”?

Scott Peltin and Jogi Rippel  divide the business world’s employees and executives into “sinkers, floaters” or “swimmers.” Sinkers’ jobs crush them daily. They spend extra-long hours at their jobs, but fail to make a dent in their workloads. They work hard but never work smart. The authors describe sinkers as operating close to burnout. They are constantly tired. They have only one state of operation: “crisis mode.” Sinkers don’t know they are one gasp from going down for the count.

Floaters, the authors say, are the kings and queens of mediocrity. They never see or move beyond the status quo. Floater employees and executives are so numb, they don’t realize how much potential they are wasting every day. They float in place, lacking the willpower, energy and needed strategic skills to move ahead in work and in their personal lives. 

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