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Sir Lawrence Freedman on the Evolution of Strategy

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Sir Lawrence Freedman on the Evolution of Strategy

Boston Consulting Group,

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Strategic planning is essential, but strict adherence to a strategic plan can be deadly.

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Since the dawn of civilization, every epoch has added to the evolution of strategic schools of thought, and the digital is no different. Whether you are developing strategies to take on the next terrorist group or the next conglomerate, strategy guru Lawrence Freedman has the accumulated experience and knowledge to give sound advice. getAbstract recommends his insightful interview with Martin Reeves of the Boston Consulting Group to military personnel, digital innovators and anyone who is ready to make the next move in the chess game of life.


The British armed forces often complain that their politicians don’t provide them with sufficient strategies or goals. Yet the military may overestimate the function of strategy, which is especially relevant during times of instability. While creating and executing an exact military plan is possible, circumstances change rapidly on the battlefield. “Eisenhower once said that plans are useless but planning is essential.” When you deliberate various possibilities, consider alternatives and create hypotheticals, you hone your ability to adapt to unforeseen events. If you stick doggedly to your preconceived plan, you will experience trouble...

About the Speakers

Lawrence Freedman is professor of war studies at King’s College London. Martin Reeves is a senior partner at the Boston Consulting Group’s New York bureau.

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