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10 Principles for New Venture Explorers

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Beyond the Business Plan book summary
Until now, few experts questioned the accuracy, relevance or importance of a new venture’s business plan.


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Business plans are a long-accepted part of the strategic planning process. Until now, few experts questioned their accuracy, relevance or importance to the success of a new venture. However, Simon Bridge and Cecilia Hegarty take a new approach as they present their iconoclastic investigation into the role of business plans. They explain why intrepid entrepreneurs – “venture explorers” – should seek a better alternative when pursuing funding for their start-ups. While the book is repetitive, the authors present their argument carefully, buttress it with case studies and list 10 sound and interesting principles that venture explorers can rely upon as they launch start-ups. getAbstract recommends their insights to anyone seeking to launch a new enterprise.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How “new venture explorers” start businesses,
  • What limitations exist that hamper traditional business plans and
  • How 10 “exploration-based” principles can help entrepreneurs start new businesses successfully.


Business Plans
The corporate world accepts business plans as essential elements of any enterprise, especially start-ups. However, such plans often prove irrelevant, because new ventures must deal with uncertainties that are not quantifiable or predictable. This is especially true for nonprofit...
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About the Authors

Simon Bridge is visiting professor of entrepreneurship at the University of Ulster and the co-author of Understanding Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Small Business. Cecilia Hegarty has worked in entrepreneurship higher education for more than 10 years.

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