Summary of Building a High-End Financial Services Practice

Proven Techniques for Planners, Wealth Managers, and Other Advisors

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Building a High-End Financial Services Practice book summary
To make your financial services firm a wealth management consultancy, target rich people and pump up your potential.


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Financial advisors are hard-pressed. They used to be the investor’s primary source of market information and investing counsel. Now investors can get information and advice for free on the Internet or from a variety of financial publications. Moreover, some of the best free advice that investors get warns them against dealing with financial advisors, who may or may not be acting in their best interest. It’s hard to compete when other people are giving away what you have to charge for, but authors Cliff Oberlin and Jill Powers say it’s possible. How? Focus your practice. Don’t resist change - embrace it. And, getAbstract recommends, read this book for a detailed and easy-to-follow roadmap to financial advisory success.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What positive and negative trends are shaping the financial services industry; and
  • What six business building strategies you can use for turning your financial consultancy into a high-end wealth management practice.


The Challenge
The business of being a financial advisor has never been easy, but in recent years it seems to have gotten a lot harder. The market is more complex and volatile than it used to be. An array of new choices beckon investors, who once were, if not captive, certainly inclined...
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About the Authors

Cliff Oberlin and Jill Powers run the Oberlin Financial Corporation, a brokerage and full-service financial advisory practice.

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