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Effective Financial Management book summary
Ultimately, your firm’s finances are its lifeblood. Learn to manage your accounts so your business can survive and thrive.


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In business, the numbers are everything. Finances constitute a company’s ultimate bottom line, and if you mismanage your accounts, sooner or later your firm will break down. Business expert Brian Finch shows you how to take charge of your organization’s money in this comprehensive guide. However, the book bases its information on UK law and practice, so non-UK readers will need to make adjustments for some of Finch’s comments and phrasing. Nonetheless, getAbstract suggests that first-time business owners of any nationality looking for a basic primer on how company financials work will benefit from reading it. After all, George Bernard Shaw once said that England and the United States are “two nations separated by a common language.” Clearly so, but when it comes to money, everybody counts the same way.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What financial management is,
  • What elements go into a business plan and budget, and
  • How to reduce costs and maximize your buying power.


Financial Management Requires Solid Business Planning
Financial management concerns much more than just your firm’s bookkeeping. It also involves raising capital, budgeting, estimating and managing costs and cash, evaluating projects, purchasing supplies, creating financial statements...
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About the Author

Brian Finch, co-founded a retail bookselling business and developed its internet arm, acting subsequently as its finance director.

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