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Smart Videoconferencing

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Smart Videoconferencing

New Habits for Virtual Meetings


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What's inside?

Want to shine at video conferences? Are you prepped? Does your technology work? Is your shirt clean? Smile, you’re on.

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This is a concise, direct, very practical handbook for organizing a videoconference and communicating effectively on camera. The tips on organization, preparation and choosing the right medium for your meeting are especially helpful and new. Many tips, especially about grooming, makeup and clothing, are so simple they border on simplistic, but for those who have no experience in media or performing (such as corporate executives), these clues could make the difference between success and failure. Authors Janelle Barlow, Peta Peter and Lewis Barlow back up their pointers with real-life anecdotes which reinforce their ideas quite convincingly and provide the book its only real entertainment value; otherwise it’s relentlessly practical. found this book useful for anyone who is organizing or participating in a videoconference. When you’re on the air, you want to be in the know.


Votes for Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing (VC) is becoming a common medium for business communication. Even companies that have resisted using VC will be forced to, as suppliers and clients demand it. Trends that support the growth of VC include its falling costs and its increasing quality. VC, which is cheaper than travel, offers companies a way to improve client relationships while cutting travel costs. Firms can save enough just on internal meetings to earn back the price of a system in two years or less. Videoconferences tend to be more structured and efficient than face-to-face meetings, so they also help companies save time. Yet videoconferencing is not simply an extension of traditional meetings; it is a different medium. Without good habits, you can misuse the medium and end up looking bad on TV.

Data Collaboration

Many people use interactive technology to collaborate on projects. Videoconferencing can add a human dimension to Web-based data collaboration. People meet from their desks, not from a meeting room. For a good videoconference, you need top-notch equipment; sufficient bandwidth to send video, data and audio; and equivalent equipment and...

About the Authors

Janelle Barlow, Ph.D., is president and owner of TMI, US, a partner of the Danish-based TMI national training and consulting group. She sits on the board of the National Speakers Association. Peta Peter was one of Australia’s first female news anchors and is a popular speaker and trainer. Lewis Barlow works in sales and business development for TMI, US.

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