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Soft Sell

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Soft Sell

The New Art of Selling, Self-Empowerment and Persuasion, Third Edition


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Selling — It’s not just for salesmen anymore.

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This business classic is now in its twentieth printing and third revised edition for good reason: It helps salespeople sell. This precise guide covers every aspect of sales, from the nuts-and-bolts of prospecting and closing to the inspiration and motivation that keeps you fired up and excited about your work and goals. getabstract recommends this book to all sales professionals, including managers. But we also encourage all non-sales professionals to spend some time with this book, since whether you like it or not, selling is an important skill in your career and your daily life.


Selling As an Opportunity

Selling means something different to each person. What does it mean to you? Why are you in the selling profession? Success stories in selling are as plentiful and varied as sales people, but selling is an obligation you can’t take lightly if you want to succeed. You owe it to yourself and your company to be the best you can be. If you’re not yet where you want to be, you can take steps to get there.

Begin with self-analysis. Are you satisfied with your professional progress? Are you satisfied with your financial progress? Why or why not? List your personal, non-material assets and liabilities. What are your strongest assets and greatest weaknesses? Do you have the full support of your family as you move toward your goals? Why or why not? Do you have the full support of your company manager, associates and colleagues as you move toward your goals? Why or why not? State your belief in yourself, your profession and your product or service. Then ask yourself if you have complete and up-to-date knowledge of your business. Are you delivering better results every day?

Are other people putting more energy into their work than you are? Do you...

About the Author

Tim Connor,  CSP, is the president of the Connor Resource Group, Inc. He has been a full-time speaker, trainer and consultant since 1974, and has given thousands of presentations worldwide. He is the author of The Voyage and other books, audio and video learning systems, and the popular newsletter, Life Balance. He has been a member of the National Speakers Association since 1978 and received his CSP (certified speaking professional) designation in 1990. Soft Sell, now in its twentieth printing and third edition, has become an inspirational classic. He lives in Davidson, North Carolina.

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