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The Upping Your Elvis Podcast

The Upping Your Elvis Podcast,

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Write a daily thank-you note to inspire you and the recipient.

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When was the last time you put pen to paper and handwrote a thank-you note? In fact, do you remember the first time? Was it a post-Christmas thank-you card you had to write by parental decree? Did writing and sending that note inspire positive emotions in you and your recipient? You can connect to those positive emotions again by embracing thank-you notes as a daily ritual of your adult life. In this episode of the Upping Your Elvis podcast, guest Elena Anguita suggests giving thank-you notes another try.


A thank-you note practice will help you pay more attention to the “little serendipities” in your life.

One day, when author and speaker Elena Anguita worked through one of her life’s many mundane tasks, a sudden whoosh of energy filled her body, and a simple phrase flashed through her mind: “a thank you a day.” Instinct told her this meant she needed to write a thank-you note to someone every day. And Anguita has done so every day since her moment of inspiration. 

From the beginning of her practice, Anguita noticed that on every day she wrote a thank-you note, something special or helpful would soon happen in her life. These “little serendipities” might take the form of reduced traffic on her way to a meeting or a perfect parking spot. Anguita started keeping a journal...

About the Podcast

Author and entrepreneur Elena Anguita wrote Spread Thanks: Create Miracles Through the Power of Ink. In the Upping Your Elvis podcast, author and entrepreneur Chris Baréz-Brown and speaker and innovator Jim Lusty do different experiments to find out how to get people’s energy right, so they can get their extraordinary on.

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    D. W. 1 year ago
    The power of a THANK YOU carries more weight than most people understand. There is much care and compassion with very little effort to just by saying "thank you". A written "thank you" goes so far in building good relationships and again, this is so little effort. :)
    THANK YOU to whomever recommended this summary for me to read.

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