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Stand Out

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Stand Out

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You can become a thought leader in your field, influence your industry and make a name for yourself. First, select the right niche.

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Branding expert Dorie Clark shows you how to promote yourself and your ideas as she deftly guides you through the steps to becoming a recognized thought leader in your industry. Granted, plenty of self-proclaimed thought leaders already exist in every conceivable arena, and there’s little doubt that Clark will inspire more false prophets (so be careful who you share this with). But her manual also will motivate those with a genuine, burning desire to add real value to their fields. If you aspire to thought leadership, you’ll gain enormously from Clark’s step-by-step instructions, real-world insights and encouraging case studies – including her own remarkable story. getAbstract thinks this practical how-to manual can give readers the strategies and inspiration they need to promote their ideas.

About the Author

Branding expert Dorie Clark went from an obscure, struggling independent consultant to an international author, speaker and thought leader by applying the principles in this book.

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