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Starting Greatness: Mark Cuban summary

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Starting Greatness podcast host Mark Maples Jr. interviews start-up guru and Shark Tank cast member Mark Cuban about his humble beginnings, how he started, and his oft-quoted “12 Rules for Startups.” If you are willing to risk everything for success, Cuban says, you can win big and leave the competition in the dust. You “only need to be right once” to make it big in the fast-moving tech world. Stay true to your premise, find your niche and push your advantage.

About the Podcast

Mike Maples Jr., host of Starting Greatness, interviews Mark Cuban, billionaire start-up founder, Shark Tank TV star and owner of the Dallas Mavericks.


Mark Cuban learned in the 1990s how to find a tech world niche and exploit it.

When Mark Cuban was 12, he sold magazines door-to-door. A self-taught programmer who put in 20-hour days and didn’t take a vacation for seven years as a start-up entrepreneur, Cuban is no stranger to hard work. In the 1990s, cable TV had only been around for 15 years, but satellite was breaking through. Cuban saw an opportunity to leverage the internet to provide sports content to fans of his site, thought he was crazy, but Cuban saw the future, and he knew it was digital. 

From that experience, Cuban intuited that to succeed, he always had to be at least one step ahead of the competition. He understood that he had to discover his own weaknesses before his competition...

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