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Stephan Schiffman's Telesales

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Stephan Schiffman's Telesales

America's #1 Corporate Sales Trainer Shows You How to Boost Your Phone Sales

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What's inside?

How do you learn to love being a telemarketer? By increasing your income while making prospects glad you called.

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Stephen Schiffman, one of the most renowned sales trainers, discusses how to assess your current performance and then increase your sales. If you’ve read Getting to Closed, skip the first section or just consider it a useful review. From Getting to Closed, you already know his techniques for tracking your numbers and understanding your ratios. He offers insight on how to move from initial contacts to prospects to sales and how to continually delve for new customers while working with your most promising leads. What really makes this book sing are the short, bite-sized chapters and concluding action items that help you implement and practice each axiom. Schiffman’s succinct, breezy style makes this a quick, easy read. You’ll also find his examples of phone conversations and responses helpful as a guide to adapt to your own situation. leaves this message: call Shiffman into action to increase your sales as you put these steps to work.


How Are You Doing Now?

Amazingly, nine out of ten sales people don’t read even one sales book a year. Most companies offer little or no sales training either. So, if you want better results, you have to commit to self-improvement. Track and manage your own activity to reach superior sales. Start by assessing your current performance. Look at what you have done for the past three months and use these numbers to forecast what you will make over the next nine months if you don’t make any changes.

Next examine your current ratios. Estimate the average number of dials you make each day, the average number of times you speak to a decision-maker and the average number of sales you close. From these numbers, determine your ratios. Ask yourself how many dials you make for each decision-maker you get on the phone. Look at how many closes you make per decision-maker. Once you know your ratios, monitor your activity and improve your percentages. To kick off your improvement program, track your calls every hour one day, using a four-column list: dials, discussions, presentations and sales. Tape the end of three of your calls at the beginning, middle and end of the day. As you review...

About the Author

Stephan Schiffman is one of the most renowned sales trainers in the U.S. He wrote numerous best-selling sales books, including Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!) and The 25 Most Common Sales Mistakes. He is also the president of DEI Management Group, Inc., and has trained more than 300,000 salespeople.

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