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Steps to the Top

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Steps to the Top

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Getting ahead in life is not that complicated. It can be summed up in seven simple steps.

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Since 1970, Zig Ziglar has been speaking and writing to motivate and elevate others, and to help them get ahead. He does so with considerable enthusiasm and joie de vivre – and to notable effect. He has traveled more than five million miles delivering his upbeat, inspirational message around the world. He has written dozens of mood-lifting books, some of them bona fide classics, such as this one. An Alabama son of the Great Depression and one of 12 children, Ziglar is effective because of his common sense and old-fashioned country wisdom, as well as his ability to reach others with easy-to-understand anecdotes, stories and parables. Like medieval morality plays, Ziglar’s books and speeches deliver powerful messages about the transformational perfectibility of humankind. Ziglar reminds getAbstract of a kindly, old-fashioned uncle, a wise family treasure known for his wit and sound advice. Feel like you’re stuck in neutral lately? Not sure how to get ahead? Maybe it’s time to sit down with Uncle Zig. He’ll help you sort things out.


Seven Simple Steps

To make something of yourself, pay attention to seven areas. The main one is your “attitude.” To get ahead, you must always be up, not down. If your life were a building, this would be its primary pillar. Seven pivotal areas of life are spelled out below, but attitude comes first.


What happens to you, good or bad, will not define you as a person. What will define you is your attitude about your experiences. How do you develop a winning attitude? Don’t ever compare yourself to others. Not every young boy can grow up to be a great athlete. Not every young girl can be a movie star. Not every entrepreneur can be Bill Gates. Not every homemaker can cook like Julia Child. Learn to measure yourself according to your abilities and talents. Have you done your best? No one can ask more of you. Recognize that you are special. Take heart in your uniqueness.

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About the Author

Zig Ziglar is an author and motivational speaker. He also is an evangelical Christian who often incorporates his religious values into his writing and speaking activities. His other books include See You at the Top, How to Get What You Want and Selling 101.

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