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Still Groovin'

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Still Groovin'

Affirmations for Women in the Second Half of Life


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Hey women over 50: Cut yourself some slack!

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Ruth Beckford brings a lifetime of experience and accumulated wisdom to this book of affirmations and short essays aimed at "women in the second half of life." Topics, which touch on professional and personal issues, include empowerment, health, romance and inner peace. Although this book contains the same philosophies found in virtually every other self-help or inspirational book, its focus on how these thoughts apply to women at midlife and beyond sets it apart. recommends this book to those women - at least to the ones who, with their booming careers, adolescent or adult kids, aging parents, active spouses and an occasional night at the theater - still have time to read. Just one criticism, though: These lovely aphorisms have a slight whiff of retirement about them, a faint fragrance that makes us wonder a bit if the author fully understands that 50 isn’t quite as old as it used to be.


Groovin’ as Long as You Live

No matter how old you are, you can still enjoy all of life’s wonders. Life isn’t just for people younger than 45, no matter what you may think and no matter how much entertainment and the media push for youth-driven culture. You’re "still groovin’" for as long as you live. Remind yourself of that by taking these affirmations to heart.


Did you know that you could get a free face-lift simply by smiling? Try this affirmation: "A smile softens my wrinkles because it lifts my disposition. I will get a free face-lift today by smiling - and smiling often."

Your health depends upon many physical, emotional and spiritual factors. Pamper yourself, practice patience, remember that you are a survivor - you’ve been healed before and you will be healed again. Listen to your body. It can tell you the truth about your health, well being and state of mind. Your body knows what is best. Pace yourself. Try these affirmations for better emotional and physical health:

  • Like the redwood trees, I grow more beautiful with age. My core is strong.
  • I project an inner peace and strength that are the gifts of time.
  • I love...

About the Author

Ruth Beckford toured professionally with the Katherine Dunham African Caribbean Dance Company and was the first black student at the Anna Halprin/Welland Lathrop Dance Studio in San Francisco. She founded and directed the first city-funded recreational dance program in Oakland, worked with the Oakland Ensemble Theater and has written or co-written three plays, as well as a biography of Katherine Dunham.

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