Stolen Focus
A review of

Stolen Focus

Why You Can't Pay Attention

Johann HariBloomsbury • 2022

Change Must Come

by David Meyer

Johann Hari cites multiple causes for the current attention crisis and offers practical solutions.

In this New York Times bestseller, Johann Hari – author of the acclaimed Chasing the Scream – details how, disturbed by a world lost in electronic devices and distracted from real life, he committed to a three-month wireless retreat. He fled to Provincetown, Massachusetts, minus an internet-enabled cellphone or laptop, to cure his social media addiction cold turkey. He offers revelations from that experience and startling research into contemporary struggles to focus.

Hari spotlights multiple research studies, case studies and insights from industry professionals to bolster his thoughtful solutions to society’s attention crisis. His overview of the data-soaked water you swim through daily – and its effects on your brain – will likely be eye-opening.

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