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Stop Clutter From Stealing Your Life

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Stop Clutter From Stealing Your Life

Discover Why You Clutter and How You Can Stop

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A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind.

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Many books have been written about how to organize your life, your workspace and your home, some good, some bad. We gravitate toward authors that provide practical systems for bringing order to debilitating chaos. This is not one of those books. Mike Nelson instead writes of the psychological reasons that some people allow clutter to overtake their lives. If you’re looking for an explanation about why you can’t find that important file, start reading. If you’re looking for some way to prevent you from making similar mistakes in the future, advises you to look elsewhere.


Are You A Clutterer?

For some people clutter isn’t just a minor annoyance or an organizational problem, it’s the symptom of a psychological disorder that can destroy self-esteem and relationships, contribute to financial problems, and even lead to unemployment. You can control your cluttering and recover from being a clutterer. For many people, simple programs on organizing aren’t enough. For them, cluttering is a serious challenge that prevents then from living up to their full potential. The medical and psychological term for severe cases is hoarding, and this condition is considered an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Living a clutter-free life is more than just cleaning up. It involves changing the way we think about possession, love and self-worth. It means developing a way of life that celebrates what we have and honors our inner self. When you live clutter-free, you free yourself. Clutter is a prison of sorts, one that is deep-seated and life-long, rather than superficial and temporary. Clutterers aren’t made overnight; they’ve been clutterers all their lives.

For some people, a desk filled with papers or a closet or garage stuffed with forgotten items...

About the Author

Mike Nelson  has been featured by the Los Angeles Times and CNN for his work with cluttering. He was instrumental in the founding of the Clutterless self-help groups. A prolific writer, he has been an international newspaper columnist, has published a dozen books, and is in demand as an international lecturer.

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