Summary of Blue Ocean Strategy

How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant

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Blue Ocean Strategy book summary
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Blue Ocean Strategy takes you beyond the sea, where innovative products prove relatively safe from competition in markets that never before existed. W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne – strategy professors at France’s INSEAD business school – offer a breakthrough strategic manual. The blue ocean approach begins with a “strategy canvas,” a graphic representation of your and your competitors’ products. Finding the blue ocean market – and avoiding the common, cutthroat, bloody “red ocean” – means exploiting rivals’ shortcomings and offering new value to customers. Business leaders must look beyond numbers to see their products as consumers do. Using the strategy canvas, reconstruct the boundaries of your market, discard basic assumptions about where demand occurs and then capitalize on budding trends. Australia’s Casella Wines created the fastest growing label in history in part by abandoning the traditional, elitist appeal of wines based on complex taste and vineyard locale. With its sweeter, fruitier Yellow Tail brand, Casella marketed wine to beer and cocktail drinkers. It differentiated its product by promoting wine as fun. This new approach entailed changes to the product, and – crucially – relied on a strategy that opened new sources of demand, enabling Casella to enter a market relatively free of competition. Kim and Mauborgne offer varied, compelling examples which engage readers and ground theory in practice. They demonstrate the wide applicability of their strategy and utilize fresh research to apply innovation-based tactics in older, more established industries. Providing basic points that new managers can readily grasp, backed by complex – and jargon-soaked – business principles for intrepid strategists, the authors guide far-reaching marketplace thinking at all levels of experience. getAbstract recommends their approach to any tactician, marketer or entrepreneur, especially those whose companies face stiff competition. Sail on.

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    Ronnie Rodelas 5 months ago
    Audio not working.
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    Jaya Srivastava 1 year ago
    Absolutely concise and to the point review - thank you
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    Cliff Albert 3 years ago
    I've read this summary on a number of occasions and believe its fundamental principles. To truly implement blue ocean requires full engagement across all departments. Best implemented by a leader of an organization down through the entire company. Difficult sometimes to implement within a specific division. The reason I say this is that there are not many organizations that have the patience for what this strategy requires. It's disappointing because blue Ocean strategy is where profits and brands are built.
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    Quinn Baker 3 years ago
    Loved the breakdown for the six principles
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    Leonardo Escobar 3 years ago
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    Rob Esquer 3 years ago
    I love it!
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    ADRIANA PEDREIRA 3 years ago
    Audio isnt working properly. Isnt going until the end. Is restarting from the middle.
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      Lilli Lindemann 3 years ago
      Dear Adriana,

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    Julie Smith 3 years ago
    If you like learning through case studies and examples then this is a great abstract for you. Blue ocean strategy is explored and explained through successful globally known brands from all sectors. Worth getting the full read.
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    Nitin Mahesh 3 years ago
    Audio is not working.
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      Nitin Mahesh 3 years ago
      And also not able to download it.
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      Deirdre Cody 3 years ago
      Dear Nitin,

      Many thanks for your note. I'm sorry you are experiencing difficulties. I checked the audio and PDF file, and they seem to be working, but I've sent an email to our IT team regarding your problem. In the meantime, I will send the files for this summary to your email address. Please let us know if you experience any other problems with our service.

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    Jonathan Harmer 4 years ago
    Great summary - might have to get the book!
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    Patrick McDermott 4 years ago
    Audio doesn't work.....
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      Lilli Lindemann 4 years ago
      Dear Patrick,
      I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems downloading this audio from our website. I'll send it to you via email right away. Hope this works for you. Please let us know if you experience any such problems in the future. We're happy to help.
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    Patrick Brigger 4 years ago
    Whatever New Endeavour you start - make sure it's a blue ocean and not a red one. Good read!
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    Mathew MacDonell 4 years ago
    the concept has been introduced to me many times but this abstract provided a better framework for the 'blue ocean strategy.' It seems like a pretty obvious concept and the verbiage is cheesy at times.
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    BILL Krebs 5 years ago
    Great read!
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    Harry Babikian 5 years ago
    GREAT ONE !!

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