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A Blueprint for Business Execution

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Get it Done! book summary
To get things done, be sure staffers know what you want to achieve and understand the impact of your decisions.


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Being able to execute is essential to business success, so "business transformation" consultants Ralph Welborn and Vince Kasten want to teach you how to get things done. Their book reviews the requirements of execution, and recommends worthwhile tools to help you move from "strategic direction" to "operational reality." Besides its numerous assets, such as a strong discussion about creating clear communications, the book has a few flaws in grammar, jargon, doublespeak ("pretipping point tipping points") and consistency, in that it seems to define key concepts differently in various chapters. As the authors acknowledge, their tactics - while important to execution - are technical, time-consuming and costly. While most senior executives will grasp the obvious merit of these well-reasoned ideas, many leaders will wonder exactly how to put them into pragmatic operational use. Despite wishing for more practical hands-on guidance, getAbstract finds this book's ideas versatile and valuable.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why many strategic initiatives and business execution plans fail;
  • Why "shared semantics" are critical to "executional success";
  • How to make your strategic goals more "operationally pragmatic"; and
  • How to use "business blueprints" and related tools to accomplish your projects and goals.


Can You Execute?
Welcome to the global marketplace, a fiercely competitive arena where international companies jockey for position like skaters racing around a roller derby track. Companies that don't execute successfully and that can't keep up with the blistering pace are going to be...
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About the Authors

Ralph Welborn and Vince Kasten are managing partners of an international consulting company. They also co-authored The Jericho Principle.

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