Summary of Preparing Organisations for a Journey of Continuous Transformation

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Preparing Organisations for a Journey of Continuous Transformation summary
The ever-changing world of business demands an ever-changing organization.


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London Business School professor Costas Markides presents his concept of “continuous transformation,” a blueprint for achieving organizational agility in a volatile, uncertain business environment. Throughout his spirited lecture, Markides often takes the long road to reach his rhetorical destination, but getAbstract predicts that business leaders and strategic thinkers will enjoy the journey with this animated, witty scholar.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the digital age has transformed human life, including business;
  • How to build a company that can withstand disruption; and
  • How to spur lasting change.


The digital age has transformed how people live and work and has even altered human physiology, shortening attention spans. Companies face the challenge of employees and customers who are distractible, fickle, well-informed and demanding. Retaining workers is difficult, and just one negative customer...
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About the Speaker

Costas Markides is professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at London Business School.

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