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YouTube chief business officer Robert Kyncl, writing with Google lead writer Maany Peyvan, offers an overview of YouTube’s origins, operations, philosophy and methods of earning revenue. The authors provide colorful anecdotes and astonishing statistics that show the breathtaking, unprecedented scale of YouTube’s viewership and its fans’ participation in the company’s rise. Kyncl and Peyvan honor the content creators whose original programming is a foundational aspect of YouTube’s success. The authors position their work as a deep dive into YouTube, and they succeed, but their book is also a platform for YouTube’s explanations of various unpopular or misunderstood policies. Not all readers will embrace the authors’ admiration, but Kyncl and Peyvan provide genuine insight into YouTube’s thinking and the interactions among the company, its program creators and its viewers. Anyone interested in new or future media will find this book fascinating.

About the Authors

YouTube chief business officer Robert Kyncl is the former vice president of content acquisitions at Netflix. As Google’s lead writer, Maany Peyvan creates editorial and social content and heads speechwriting for YouTube.



Original Content Creators

“Streampunks” are the disruptive original content creators who draw 1.9 billion viewers to YouTube every month. They are entrepreneurs and auteurs who make short presentations about every conceivable subject, freeing viewers from network television and the tyranny of corporate notions of what people want. Streampunks create new networks every day and find new, dedicated audiences that love their work. Every new creator and viewer increases YouTube’s reach and significance.

The YouTube Creator Summit

Every spring, YouTube’s most popular content creators meet at the YouTube Summit in New York City. Fans of all ages – mostly younger – crowd in to meet their favorites. Among them are renowned game creators Mark “Markiplier” Fischbach from the United States and Seán “Jacksepticeye” McLoughlin from Ireland. Viewers love watching them play video games, and that enables the two men to maintain lucrative careers as “gamers.” 

Other stars at the YouTube summit include “lifestyle gurus” Bethany Mota, Raye Boyce and Dulce Candy Ruiz. They offer...

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