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Success Is in Your Sphere

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Success Is in Your Sphere

Leverage the Power of Relationships to Achieve Your Business Goals


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A strategic framework to transform connections into valuable, business-building relationships.

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In today’s age of hyperconnectedness and instant gratification, many leaders and entrepreneurs are neglecting to make the effort to build relationships that will benefit their business in the long term, says relationship marketing expert Zvi Band. Band shares a comprehensive strategy for building your social capital and marketing network, incorporating insights from neuroscience, psychology and his own consulting practice. For professionals in any industry, Band offers a practical and inspiring playbook for relationship marketing in the digital age.


A strong business depends on strong relationships.

Technology is making people more connected than ever before, yet many don’t feel that way – they feel more disconnected than in the past. In individualistic Western society, forging strong connections is becoming increasingly difficult. People find themselves inundated by online “friend” and contact requests, and they struggle to sift through the noise and know which connections to prioritize and whom to trust. For people personally, a lack of strong relationships can lead to depression; as businesspeople, it creates challenges, as customers prefer to do business with people they know.

To build strong relationships, you must get people to know, trust and like you. According to social capital theory, popularized by sociologist James Coleman, people feel safer and more willing to conduct business when community ties and bonding rituals have established trust in a relationship. Thus, cultivating relationships rooted in trust and shared values will boost your business and strengthen your professional reputation.

Human psychology poses barriers to forging strong connections.

The barriers...

About the Author

Zvi Band is the CEO and co-founder of the customer relationship management platform Contactually.

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