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Sukhinder Singh Cassidy

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Sukhinder Singh Cassidy

A Call to Lead podcast

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StubHub president Sukhinder Singh Cassidy offers leadership advice learned in the tech trenches.

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In this episode of A Call to Lead, StubHub president, tech executive and entrepreneur Sukhinder Singh Cassidy speaks with podcast host Jennifer Morgan about leadership. For Singh Cassidy, the most essential skill of a leader is the ability to switch between a macro scale and a micro perspective depending on the situation. Aspiring and new leaders in particular will find Singh Cassidy’s nuggets of wisdom intriguing. 


Sukhinder Singh Cassidy credits her physician parents for instilling an entrepreneurial spirit in her from a young age. She grew up in Ontario, Canada, and after college worked in investment banking. She was drawn to the idea of founding a start-up and moved to Silicon Valley in the late 1990s. During her career, Singh Cassidy alternated between working for and founding start-ups – including Yodlee and Joyus – and joining large companies – including Amazon and Google. She most enjoys positions that are entrepreneurial while also having scale and recently became president of StubHub. Working at large...

About the Podcast

In her podcast A Call to Lead, Jennifer Morgan – leader of SAP’s Cloud Business Group and executive board member of SAP – interviews world-class leaders, such as StubHub president Sukhinder Singh Cassidy.

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