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Superstar Sales Secrets

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Superstar Sales Secrets

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Selling isn’t about serendipity; it takes practice, priorities and positive attitude (though serendipity doesn’t hurt).

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There is no difference of opinion about how successful salespeople become and remain successful. You can read long books, philosophical books and books filled with examples and inspiration. The rules are virtually the same. There are no secrets in Barry J. Farber's book, but there are lots of verities. It is a brief, repetitive and yet comprehensive compilation of the basics. You learn what you ought to do and then you get a check list that you can use to monitor your progress. This is a simple, short and fairly complete presentation for any new salesperson. It lacks a treatment of the preliminary closing techniques that are important in discretionary buys, but that is all that is missing. Because it is thorough and clear, getAbstract recommends this handy manual to sales trainers and aspiring salespersons who want a tidy, well-organized presentation on fundamental sales strategies.


Better Good Than Lucky

People who move into sales are predisposed to the profession because they are gregarious, confident, articulate and able to motivate other people to act as they desire. These traits are a good place to start. But the gregarious salesperson must also be disciplined, because the ability to persuade is not the same thing as the ability to sell consistently. In fact, many salespersons with great potential fail early in their sales careers by trying to close a deal that is not ready to be closed. They have a product that they feel good about and a potential client who likes them and who could use their product. When the sale falls through, they take the failure personally. They feel rejected and they learn nothing from the negative experience. Several such failed deals can deflect even a salesperson with real potential from a career where he or she might otherwise succeed. Worse yet, amidst several failures, the new salesperson often makes a sale because of dumb luck. This reinforces the misperception that selling is not a process; it is an act of serendipity.

Chicken or Yoke

A salesperson who does the preliminary work that is necessary to...

About the Author

Barry J. Farber is president of Farber Training Systems, a sales and management training company, and of Profound Products, Inc., a company that creates and markets innovative products. He is the author of eight other books including The 12 Clichés of Selling and Sales Secrets From Your Customers.

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