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The Art and Science of Success

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What do successful people have in common? Talent, skill, creativity, style, drive, good fortune and hard work (oh, that).

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This highly informative, entertaining book is based on interviews with successful people who explain how they succeeded. Each person’s story, as related under the guidance of conceptual and creative-thinking expert Edward de Bono, reveals different aspects of how he or she achieved difficult goals. This book will inspire you with the parade of skills, effort, drive, luck and talent (or lack thereof) that helped these people, from Malcolm Forbes to Sting, rise to the top. getAbstract thinks this uplifting business book transcends the usual self-development titles with its real-life success stories from athletes, race car drivers, bankers, musicians, lawyers, publishers and executives who show that success has no set requirements, though hard work and grit don’t hurt.

About the Author

Edward de Bono, an authority on conceptual and creative thinking, is known for defining “lateral thinking” (his concept) and for his “Six Hats” series. A Rhodes Scholar, he designed and manages the most widely used method for teaching thinking. He has written 70 books.

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