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Take Control

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Take Control

The Career You Want, Where You Want


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Dissatisfied with your career? Learn the secrets to feeling fulfilled and taking control at work.

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The COVID-19 pandemic left many people feeling stuck at work – going through the motions, day in and day out, with no end in sight. If your job no longer feels as fulfilling or seems like it’s leading anywhere special, CEO at Korn Ferry, Gary Burnison offers a simple yet effective solution: Take control. Burnison’s guide to career satisfaction covers the basics of how to look for a new job, nail the interview and become an influential member at the office. He maintains that the most enriching careers come from following your inner purpose and continually striving to learn, grow and succeed.


Career satisfaction comes from working authentically.

In the corporate world, people often think that their skills and accomplishments show who they are, but actually, your personal – sometimes vulnerable – story creates the authentic connections that people crave. For example, Gary Burnison once shared the story of growing up on food stamps with a client, who then felt comfortable enough to tell him about a similar experience as a child. The connection created empathy and a deeper bond. This type of relationship makes you someone that people want to work with. Without sharing vulnerabilities, others can’t connect with you.

So while hard technical skills are important in getting the job done, your ability to express an authentic sense of self is key for advancement in the workplace. Authenticity requires self-awareness and a curious mind-set, in which you constantly seek to understand your passions, purpose and motivations.

To gain more self-awareness, start by asking others how they see you, and identify what drives your actions – solving problems, power, autonomy or teamwork, for instance. This process will help ...

About the Author

Gary Burnison is a CEO at Korn Ferry, a global organizational consulting firm.

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