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Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling

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Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling

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Can you find what your prospects want by digging through the Internet? Now you can.

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Google identifies more than one trillion unique Internet URLs (web page addresses), with new pages multiplying exponentially. Thousands of different search engines can help you locate information on these trillion-plus pages, but a single search can net hundreds of thousands of results. So much information exists online that finding what you want can be difficult. In his helpful, resource-rich book, Internet and sales expert Sam Richter teaches you how to search the web effectively. Richter details numerous specialized search engines and websites for finding business information that will impress your prospects. getAbstract recommends Richter’s guide to salespeople who want to close more business by becoming or sounding supremely well informed.


Stop Cold Calling

Cold calling is a waste of time. The last thing a busy prospect needs is an unwelcome stranger asking uneducated questions to glean information to frame a sales presentation. However, if prior to your cold call, you use the Internet to develop “Sales Intelligence” – information that prospects will find compelling or that can help solve their business problems – you can transform a cold call into a “warm call.”

Salespeople who use sales intelligence are more likely to attain their sales goals than those who don’t. Sales intelligence helps you employ the “Platinum Rule: Do unto others as they would have done unto themselves.” Before your call, find the sales intelligence your potential customer will consider valuable. This builds your credibility and differentiates you and your firm from the competition. Sales intelligence enables you to ask informed, impressive background questions and helps build relationships, which are vital in sales.

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“Most people think that all search engines are equal, that all pretty much deliver the same results. Nothing could be further from the truth.” Most companies...

About the Author

Sam Richter is the founder and CEO of SBR Worldwide/Know More. He is the former president of the James J. Hill Reference Library, an online resource.

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    J. O. 1 decade ago
    I was actually eager to read this abstract. By the way, this comments contains spoilers, so don't read further if you do not want to know the solution ;) I have never liked cold calling and the reason was mentioned in abstract: people do not like to receive cold calls. This book explains how you change cold calls into warm calls. Actually, the solution is so simple that I am not sure if it deserves to have a complete book about it. Or maybe the book should have been called "Google your cold calls into better", because the idea is to Google enough about the person and company you are about to call to before calling. If you want to learn more about googling, then read this abstract... And remember to use the results before calling :)