Team Topologies
A review of

Team Topologies

Organizing Business and Technology Teams for Fast Flow

Create the Right Team

by David Meyer

An indispensable guide to developing software teams written not for the layperson, but for those really creating teams.

Matthew Skelton – head of consulting at Conflux and Independent DevOps – and Continuous Delivery consultant Manuel Pais present a manual for designing successful software teams. They cite Conway’s Law, which holds that the design of software is linked inextricably to the design of software teams. Accordingly, Skelton and Pais offer a step-by-step plan for the organizational design of software teams. The books’ theme is that proper team organization and communication fuel successful technology development and productive business.

This work is written for those inside the software world, and it garnered enthusiastic reviews from those best able to appreciate it. For example, Ruth Malan, Architecture Consultant at Bredemeyer Consulting, found that it “…serves as a pragmatic guide whether forming teams and enabling them to meet their challenges or helping existing teams become more effective.” Dr. Naomi Stanford, Organization Design Practitioner, wrote that the book is “…well constructed and signposted, based in sound thinking, and challenges readers to assume, like them, that an organization is a socio-technical system or ecosystem.”

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