TED Talks
A review of

TED Talks

The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking

Powerful Public Speaking

by David Meyer

TED curator Chris Anderson offers a superb, knowledgeable guide for beginner public speakers.

Love it or loathe it, TED delivers a powerful presentation. Chris Anderson, the curator of TED since 2001, understands the power of a great story. He details how to create a successful TED Talk and reveals behind-the-scenes secrets of some of TED’s most famous lectures. Anderson advocates for schools to teach “presentation literacy,” and he equips you with the tools you need to deliver a cogent, memorable speech. He provides a basic primer for anyone seeking to improve their public speaking.

Presentation Literacy

When you tell a story, says Anderson, you plant your idea in the minds of your listeners, and their brainwaves synchronize as they hang on your words.

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