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That’s What She Said

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That’s What She Said

What Men Need to Know (and Women Need to Tell Them) About Working Together

William Morrow,

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Men and women must work together to address inequities at the office.

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The wage gap between men and women persists. Women earn less than men in every profession, even if they have the same level of education and experience as their male peers. Yet, in business, mixed-gender groups and partnerships are much more successful than same-gender groups. Editor and journalist Joanne Lipman urges men to step up and advocate for women. Likewise, women need to do a better job of communicating their professional needs to men. 


Speak Up

Women don’t talk with men about gender disparities, even though men need to be a part of the conversation. Many men don’t think gender inequality is their problem, or they believe they’re the victims of women who get an unfair advantage. Some simply don’t see a disparity. Many men, like many women, are afraid to speak up. When Catalyst, a nonprofit organization for working women, asked men what keeps them from supporting gender equity, 74% said fear – “fear of loss of status, fear of other men’s disapproval and, most telling of all, fear of making a mistake.” Their fears have merit. When men advocate for women, women often feel surprised and even annoyed. Male bosses seem especially reluctant to give constructive feedback, because they are afraid of saying the wrong thing. Their self-censorship hurts women who then don’t get the information to make the adjustments necessary to advance their careers.

Tips for Men

Many men don’t know what women go through every day. Part of what women endure, ...

About the Author

Writer and editor Joanne Lipman was the first woman deputy managing editor of The Wall Street Journal, which won three Pulitzer Prizes under her leadership. 

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